home staging in Bryan, Texas

Setting the stage

For selling purposes, the contents of a home should complement, not distract from, the home’s features. When staging a property, our goal is to maintain the warmth of a home while allowing buyers to visualize their own belongings in a space.

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Step 1: De-clutter

Most homes accumulate clutter, my home being no different. Clutter causes buyers to quickly lose focus during showings…and showings are critical to the selling process. Our job is to set your home apart from the rest, allowing your home to take center stage, not your clutter.

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Step 2: Shuffle

Sometimes it’s necessary to shuffle (and re-shuffle) existing pieces in order to maximize space and improve flow (for example, reconfiguring a bedroom so that windows and natural light are not blocked by furniture, or relocating an oversized entry table to open up a high traffic area).

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Step 3: Add or Subtract

There may be a need to remove pieces altogether that work against our staging goals (for example, eliminating a bulky piece of furniture in a small living area that overpowers a lovely fireplace). On the other hand, it is often necessary to add pieces to best showcase a particular area (for example, adding bar stools to an island to highlight a useful knee space).

Whether adding the perfect piece, or staging an entire home, we are happy to pull from our warehouse of furniture and decorative accessories. Take a look at some of Julie’s incredible transformations to see how this service “sets the stage” for a successful selling experience.