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Buyers: we’ll get the door

Buying a home is likely the largest, most significant purchase you will make. Selecting a qualified buyer’s agent provides you with professional guidance and valuable resources to help achieve a smooth transaction. In addition, it grants you and the seller equal representation, which is especially beneficial during the negotiation of contract terms.

Open Door Realty’s commitment to buyers begins long before showings, and continues well after closing.

Here is a layout of the assistance we provide:

Before Shopping

  • assistance with selecting a qualified lender
  • working effectively with your chosen lender during pre-approval
  • sharing properties with you that fit your criteria and budget


  • scheduling showings of selected properties
  • opening up properties and guiding you through each residence
  • compiling market analyses to best determine values of specific properties
  • preparing a written offer for your chosen home
  • assistance with negotiating the best possible sales price and contract terms
  • overseeing inspections and assisting the negotiation of repairs
  • continuing to work closely with your lender during appraisal and underwriting
  • anticipating and resolving issues to ensure a timely close
  • conducting a final walk-through of your future home
  • reviewing closing documents with you prior to closing appointment
  • accompanying you to closing to ensure all your questions are answered

After Closing

  • providing assistance with Home Warranty claims
  • sourcing reliable service providers as needed
  • serving as your go-to for helpful information relating to our community

As mentioned earlier, buying a home is a meaningful purchase. Open Door’s Agents would be honored to represent you throughout the buying process and help make the purchase of your home a seamless, enjoyable experience.